Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Campaign Sickness

Someone at the golf club said last week as I was talking to a friend: “it’s no good talking to him, he doesn’t live in your constituency”.

I’ve certainly become much more aware of voters. I look at people. I can’t help but assess them. Do they live in Bamburgh Division? No? Oh well, let’s move on. They can wait till May 2nd. Do they look Lib Dem? Tory? Labour? Independent even? Or probably the largest group, indifferent? (That’s not indifferent to events and problems, its indifferent to the politicians they see as making at best no difference).

Do people look like their party? Many do: it can be spotted. Try it.


East Anglian Tory said...

I think the easiest group to differentiate just by appearance are female ministers, female MPs and indeed female councillors. Whenever the non-famous ones come on the TV I can still immediately tell their political colour. I say to my wife "she's a Conservative, or she's Labour" before they've uttered a sentence AND before their name and caption shows. It is both subtle yet very obvious, if that isn't a contradiction!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

So much to read today, I haven't had time recently to look at blogs so I'm desperately trying to catch up!

I think you have a good point here! This goes back to my childhood. All his working life, my dad was a loyal Tory. And I would definitely say he looked like one. Don't ask me what pointed that out to me, it was always just a hunch.

CJ xx

occasional northerner said...

I'm pretty sure (if active) they can be spotted whatever thier political colour.